Need and Greed

I have the joy of having a close friend and mentor living only about 15 minutes from me now. I have know her over half my life – and her kids since they’ve been born. We get to hang out and do fun things together often and it’s such a blessing.


The 9 year old boy made some carnival games at home the other day. Playing together with the family, his sister was pretty good at getting the higher points, but each time he consistently got 2 points. In the end – he always won! Little by little he was content.
What a life lesson is that?
Last week we explored the Lord’s prayer – and this reminds me of – give us this day our daily bread. Not all the bread I need for life, or extra for just in case, or give us this day bread, jam, peanut butter, fresh mozzarella balls, and… yum…
No – just what we need.
It’s always tricky to balance need and greed. We worry and like the rich man, we work hard to gather all that we can. Yet we can miss out on life when we become fixated on having more and more.
Like my little friend – do what you do best. Claim your gifts and be the best you can be. Just don’t let it get in the way of you enjoying what you have. Remember what you need.
And in the words of John Wesley –
Deacon Erin

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