Descending and Ascending Jesus

This Sunday is the final Sunday of the season of Easter, which is Ascension Sunday!

The ascension is a very important part of the incarnation of Christ!  It took me until seminary to really start to explore the ascension.  Growing up, if I thought about it, I just figured it happened on Easter Day (or Resurrection Day).  I was really surprised to learn that the Easter season is 7 weeks long!  Concluding with Ascension Sunday and then heading into Pentecost.  (Lectionary for this week)

What a remarkable change – Jesus ascending and the Holy Spirit descending on the believers in Jerusalem…. I can’t imagine how this felt to the early followers of Jesus!

To help children begin to explore what the amazing miracle and mystery of the Incarnation of Christ, from Christmas to the Ascension this fun science experiment might be a great conversation starter!  Dancing Raisin Experiment raisin ex

*** Object Lesson Caveat*** Object lessons are often used to help children have a concrete visual or metaphor for a abstract concept.  It is important to remember however that children struggle with metaphors and abstract concepts because their development phases.  It’s not just a simple matter of learning.  When using object lessons, it’s important then to talk with children about how this is “like” something else and not like it too.  For example – God is “like” a father to us in how God wants to have a close relationship with us and cares for us like parents do.  God is not like a father (or parent) in many ways too – God is not human like parents are, and sometimes parents are not able to be the parents they want to be.

  • Wondering:
  • I wonder what kinds of things you know that ascend? descend?
  • I wonder what it was like for God to come to earth, to descend, and be born a baby?
  • I wonder what it was like for God to leave the disciples?
  • I wonder how it feels for you to know that God loves us so much, that God came to live with us?
  • I wonder how it feels to know that after God in Christ ascended, the Holy Spirit descended to be with us forever?

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