Child of God – activity

I am a child of God.  Sometimes I am happy, sometimes sad, sometimes hurt, sometimes helpful.  I am many things.  I am always a child of God.

Art by Mary Brack and this collage can be found on her blog

I am

Finding and claiming my identity in Christ has been one of the hardest and most wonderful things I’ve ever done.  My assurance has changed over time and at times I have been convinced that there either is not a God, or that God didn’t love me.

Guiding our children and young people to explore and claim their identity as children of God is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Teachers, parents, and friends also have a huge impact on hearing and believing this message.  This weeks passages address some difficult situations in which God doesn’t swoop in and save the day as we are want to have God do.  This is reminiscent of many times in our lives that God doesn’t fix our problems.  When we are feeling sad or lost, God is with us.  God’s love always surrounds us, and these scriptures teach us – God suffers with us and provides paths to healing and restoration.

SO – CRAFT!  We often associate emotion with color, so I encourage you to have your child (ren) think about and make a list of some things that describe themselves.

Search through magazines and find some pictures of all the colors of the rainbow – or whatever colors your child wants to use.

Cut, lay them out, and glue them out like rays of a sun.

Add the text where your child thinks it fits.

There are good and difficult things about each of us – you can use the colors to show that.  Sadness and pain are not bad things for us to avoid with kids.  Acknowledging feelings helps make them more real. Talking about how God is with us through our sadness, through our pain, helps develop a relationship with God that is not simply transactional.  It becomes more than “I believe in God because I will go to heaven, or because God will give me good things.”

I recommend reading Dr. Suess’s “My Many Colored Days” with this activity!


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